Here’s How I Profit in Natural Resource Stocks

Here’s How I Profit in Natural Resource Stocks

Real Wealth Strategist is basically hedge-fund-level investment analysis. This is the same sort of analysis that I’d be doing if I were working for a hedge fund. I’d be deep in my sector coming up with ideas where I think you can take single-digit or low-double-digit risks to make high-double-digit or triple-digit gains.

That’s the goal.

Do you have to be rich to use this service? Do you have to have $100,000 in your account? No. You don’t. This is for everybody. For people who want to put $200 in a position to people who want to put $20,000 in a position.

I’m very careful about my liquidity. So if you want to take big positions, you can. But you don’t have to. And our goal is to generate 10% to 15% a year taking not a lot of risk.

That’s our goal. And I think we can meet that goal, especially right now. In bull markets, we can do a lot better than that, but it averages out.

So that’s kind of my philosophy. We’re going to take low risks to make better-than-average returns. We’re going to look for bull markets wherever we can find them. I’m going to do high-level research. But when I write, it’s going to be as simple as possible. I want you guys to enjoy reading the letters, whether you buy the investments or not.

And then there was a question: How many picks are we going to have? That’s a good question. During a good market, we can have as many as 20, 24, 26. In a bad market, we can have none. That’s happened to me before.

I use buy-up-to prices. So if the stock is in my portfolio, and it’s above my buy-up-to price, don’t buy that one.

There should always be actionable stocks in my portfolio. You don’t have to buy every single one. I know that when I write about them, I make them as compelling as I possibly can, because I firmly believe in it. I’m not going to write about something if I don’t think it’s a great investment right now.

But you certainly don’t have to own every single one. So, if you have enough exposure to copper in your portfolio, and I give you another copper play, you don’t have to take it. Stick with what you have.

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