Matt Badiali

I’ve studied natural resources for over two decades.
Most investors completely overlook the many other natural resources surrounding them every day — and the enormous profit potential they continue to offer. This sector is so lucrative that it’s turned a $1,000 investment into $31,130 in a single transaction.
Matt’s unique experiences as both a geologist and a financial analyst has allowed him to navigate the natural resource sector easily. And once you join Real Wealth Strategist, you’ll have unfettered access to his knowledge as well as his “golden Rolodex.”


I’ve studied natural resources for over two decades.

In fact, I’m considered an expert in the mining, energy and agricultural industries. I’ve worked on drill rigs … owned oil wells … explored abandoned mines … all to make profitable investments in natural resources.

My research has taken me around the world, from Singapore to the Yukon … to Iraq, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea … to the Mexican desert.

Because, in my experience, you don’t really know what’s going on unless you see it for yourself — like walking through that cotton field. The best way to be sure your investment is safe (and correctly made) is to go see for yourself.

With that “boots on the ground” approach in mind, I’m also constantly meeting with mining company CEOs, resource investors and precious metals experts to stay in the know on the latest technologies, discoveries and trends.

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My Story

My name is Matt Badiali. I was a geologist teaching at the University of North Carolina when I got a call from a famous financial expert … a man who has made over a billion dollars selling privileged research to some of the world’s top investors.

This financial expert asked if I could help him on a special project. He wanted to invest in the energy, mining and natural resource sector; however … he knew that if he wanted to get exceptional returns, he needed a geologist on his team.

To do that, I would go around the world and visit specific companies to make sure that what they said on paper was actually true on site. I would assess core samples from gold mines, analyze on-site field maps and examine oil wells as they operated.

The idea of traveling the world was intriguing. So, when he offered to increase my paycheck five-fold and teach me everything he knew about investing…I signed on and never looked back.

That was more than a decade ago.

I’ve been traveling ever since. From places like Singapore… to the Yukon … to Iraq … to Hong Kong … to Vancouver … to Papua New Guinea … and the Mexican desert.

I’m always meeting with mining and oil company CEOs, resource investors, and precious metals experts to stay in the know on the latest technologies, discoveries and trends.

For example, I’ve met with legendary oilman T. Boone Pickens, spoken with Ross Beaty, chairman of Pan American Silver, and I am proud to call Rick Rule, CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings, a personal friend and mentor.
I’ve presented my findings at major geologic conferences in addition to major companies like Anadarko and Exxon Mobil.

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In Real Wealth Strategist, you’ll have the chance to essentially travel with me as I visit mines, oil projects and company headquarters in search of the kinds of profits many investors only dream about.

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In Front Line Profits, Matt Badiali will recommend small-cap natural resource stocks that are set to skyrocket. These are the same kinds of investments that helped grow his parents’ wealth — and they will help grow yours too. After all, these stocks have the potential to jump 1,000% or more in no time at all...

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Using Matt Badiali’s decades of experience in geology and finance, and John Ross’ wealth of experience trading derivatives, they’ve created an exciting options trading service: Power Trend Profits.

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